Jan 10

Getting started

by marshwillow

Procrastination can kill a “Would Be Prepper”.Never put off doing something.Not only you but you loved ones will suffer less in the event of a disaster.There are many old addages or proverbs that come to mind…Never put off tomorrow what you can do today.

1.Set goals and priorities.

2.Start small .-Many become discouraged when they see a large list.Just do what is resonable and prudent.Dont get overwhelmed.

3.Don’t exhaust yourself or your resources.-Not everyone can buy a new glock,ammo or a year supplies of provisions.But putting back within your means is a great start.Wont be long before you have amassed a sizable cache’.

4.Get your family involved.-Children thrive during stress situations.Let them help.It will give them a sense of accomplishment and help releave some of your responsibilities.

5. Dont get consumed stress ,it wont do you any good.-Stay calm and work efficently and results will happen.

6. If you wish to include people other than family,such as close friends-be advised-Observe them during a crisis.See how they handle it.If you have family already you might not want the responsibility of taking care of another person.Everyone should pull his or her own weight for what their capabilities are.

7. Keep quiet about what you do.When the disaster strikes you dont want the neighborhood breaking down your door for your food and resources.

8.Above all use the information resources provided online .Never overlook an observation or tried and true method of a fellow prepper.It may be what saves your life.

9.You dont have to buy everything at a store.Yard sales,garage sales,estate sales ,auctions and flea markets are good and low cost alternatives to finding survival gear for pennies .How many yard sales have you gone to and found camping gear,non-electrical appliances(such as graters,choppers,grinders)extra kitchen knives,canning jars and supplies,dehydrators gym bags.Plenty !

10.Please learn storage techniques.Food is only good as long as it is edible.Equipment must be stored properly for maximum useage.

11.Be thrifty.Use coupons learn to can,dehydrate and hone your pioneer survival skills.They will save you in the long run.Learn to grow a garden,collect heirloom seeds.

12.Knowledge is your best tool.Listen -learn-DO !

This is provided to you as a way to boost you in your prepping endeavors.Have a blessed great day.-Marshwillow


  1. Bev

    Enjoy your comments. I guess everyone on this site is from Indiana. Wish I could get involved in group but have know idea where any are in the state. Somewhat concerned with the safety of just contacting people on net.

  2. Jeff

    Good post…

    I would add to focus on prepping for your immediate location as well. Too many new preppers (and I am certainly in that category myself) look at big-picture prepping which can get discouraging. I live in central Indiana and am focused solely on prepping for local weather-related risks, such as tornadoes, blizzards, and heat waves/droughts. I think building a base-set of preps, then expanding upwards from there, is a more realistic plan and keeps things in perspective for the new prepper.

    My two cents.


  3. Vicki

    I’ve always gardened and canned, now dehydrating and buying some freeze dried food.. I used to garden and can just because I like my own vegetables, but in the last year, I’ve felt an overwhelming urgency to get prepped for what I don’t know. I’m relieved that I’m not losing my mind with this need to prepare and there’s others like me. This is my first visit to the Indiana Prepper site and liked your posts..

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